This year we have exceed 1300 km of cave. For updates and news please visit caves.org

Sistema K’oox Baal is now the third longest underwater cave in Mexico with the connection of Sistema Muul Tun Spring, 83 km long. This year June 2016 QRSS added some new caves Sistema Chac Bromelia, Cenote ZBK, Cenote Heteron Ha, Cenote Anita Ha, Cenote del Tigre, Cenote Pat Ha, and Cenotes C2 and C5.   A new in-cave pit in Sistema Ox Bel Ha was found recently, it has been surveyed to -57.3 m (-188 feet). The depth of the explored pit is reported to be in excess of -61 m (-200 feet). This discovery marks the fourth known underwater in-cave pit in the Tulum – Xel Ha region.
The Vanilla Sky Project has also been busy in connecting satellite caves surrounding the Sistema Sac Actun area. We are happy to be part of the ongoing exploration projects.

We are also involved in dry caves exploration and mapping. In May 2016 the new map of Dos Tigres has been finished.


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