max depth 56m/180 feet Cenote Angelita is must do for any advanced divers who are looking for something a little different. A fairy tale scene, where we are on the edge of flying, diving, and dreaming. The setting is perfect: we walk a short distance through the jungle to the rather large hidden cenote, than jump from the rock edge from 20 ft up. To describe it simply, this cenote does nothing else but go straight down to almost 200 feet. Fresh water makes up the first one hundred feet and salt water the other half but it is separated by a mystical layer of hydrogen sulfate. This layer in the middle appears as a dense yellow cloud from the top and strange colored hue from the bottom. There are not many dives in the world where you can dive in the clouds at 100 feet and see trees, but this is one. To take part in this tour you need to be an experienced, advanced diver. entrance fee: 300 pesos